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McKinney, TX

Major Medical Insurance Accepted

McKinney, TX

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Dr. Jeff Lynch

I’m Dr. Lynch and I’d like to share a bit about the journey that brought me here to McKinney Dentist!

Growing up, my younger brother and I were born and raised in the cold. Our family lived in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and then finally settled in Chicago. I’d like to think our Scandinavian roots equipped us to handle all those brutal winters.

After completing high school in Barrington, a NW suburb of Chicago, I decided I was ready for warmer weather and chose to pursue my undergraduate degree in Microbiology at the University of Oklahoma. I played rugby for the club team up until my junior season was cut short by a broken wrist. As I filled out my dental school applications with my right hand in a cast, I couldn’t envision a scenario where I would be successful in the long term if I was always hurt. So right then I decided it was time to put all my focus on my future in dentistry.

Further south I went! My DDS degree was earned at Baylor Dental School in Dallas. This is where Dr. Berlin and I first met. Those four years produced a few gray hairs, but more importantly a lifelong friendship. I have countless memories from school that I hold dear, however the first patient I ever performed a root canal on ended up being my wife of 28 years, Diane…so that one will always be my favorite.


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"...I came in and talked with Dr. Lynch, and he told me that he had a plan set up for me.  He showed me on the plan...where I needed the implants.  Why I didn't do a regular denture is because I wanted teeth that felt more permanent to me, and that didn't slide around in my mouth when I tried to eat or when I tried to talk...Since I've chosen Teeth Tomorrow, here at McKinney Dentist, it's one of the best choices I've ever made!"

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